What hydrates your body can also hydrate your eyes

Dry Eye Drink™ by Bruder was formulated to give you relief from ocular inflammation, a known cause of dry eye.

How It Works

Thanks to its beneficial mix of anti-inflammatories, vitamins and electrolytes, adding one packet of Dry Eye Drink to water can provide 2-3 TIMES the impact of water alone, delivering hydration to your bloodstream and cells faster and more efficiently while helping to decrease inflammation and improve ocular health.

Ingredients You Need

  • Anti-inflammatories — to alleviate inflammation
  • Vitamins — to nourish the eyes
  • Electrolytes — to increase absorption and hydrate

Benefits You Love

  • Sugar free — Sugar is a cause of inflammation.
  • Low sodium — Too much sodium can cause heart issues.
  • Low calorie — Too many calories can lead to obesity.
  • All natural — Many prefer natural ingredients.

What Inspired the Development of Dry Eye Drink

Since research clearly demonstrates the importance of hydration to alleviating the symptoms of dry eye, eye doctors wanted something they could recommend to patients to hydrate their bodies and their eyes. But as they did a deeper dive on the subject, they realized that not all hydration options are eye-healthy.

While sports and energy drinks help with hydration, some pack in a lot of sugar and sodium. 

Some hydration drinks have beneficial vitamins and electrolytes but lack the anti-inflammatories to reduce inflammation and dryness.  Other drinks depend on artificial flavors and colors. And others use artificial sweeteners.

This inspired a group of eye doctors make their own mix using all-natural ingredients, including five electrolytes, four anti-inflammatories, five vitamins, and Stevia extract to add just the right amount of sweetness. 

What Your Eyes And Body Need

Are Your Eyes Dry?

Up to 30% of the U.S. population suffers from dry eye and could benefit from drinking more water. But, the reality is, drinking extra water isn’t always easy. That’s how Dry Eye Drink can help. Dry Eye Drink is a unique, doctor-designed product for dry eye sufferers. After more than 40 formulations, our team of dry eye doctors prepared a drink specifically for those suffering from dry eyes. 

Hyper-Hydration for Dry Eyes

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